Programas de conservación


Plastic not today

Plastic Not Today is a single-use plastic elimination campaign, the purpose of which is to mitigate the risks that plastic waste ends up in our oceans and directly affects marine species. The main inspiration for this project were the turtles, who not only in the sea but during their spawning on the beaches are direct victims of human-caused environmental pollution.

Pesca bien pescada

Although one of the main attractions of the destination is sport fishing, the Cap Cana Marina is part of the “Billfish Foundation”, under which billfish fishing is only “catch and release” and part of the funds of the Fishing tournaments are donated to this international foundation whose objective is the research and conservation of this species.

Vivero de corales

The Cap Cana Foundation began a reef restoration plan in December 2019 in which small pilot plans have been developed for the reproduction of cervicornis corals, through the asexual method of fragmentation. With this project we hope that the coral fragments will grow to be able to transplant them back to the reefs of the Cap Cana marine area.

Plantación de Corales